Geb Borders FHS ’89

By: Diana Vo

Geb Borders never expected to spend his time in Flora High School, building relationships with the students as his career, but he absolutely loves his time as a Resource Officer for Flora High School.

The opportunity of serving his community as an officer just fell right into his lap when the officer before him moved onto a different shift. This change in career both scared and thrilled Borders.

Borders has been apart of the Flora police force for 27 and a half years, and never anticipated spending his workday in a high school interacting with students. However, the ability to build relationships with the students is his favorite part of his job. Prior to becoming an officer, Borders worked many part-time jobs as a waiter, a cashier, and a laborer. His great grandfather and grandfather’s time on the police force inspired Borders to pursue the same career.

Borders grew up in Flora and after graduating high school, he had no desire to leave, as he once strolled through the halls of Flora High School and enjoyed every second of it. He admits that his experience at Flora High was awesome and always a good time. Some school-related activities he participated in were football, baseball, band, and pep club, and he even served on the student council. The best part of his high school routine were the Sweet 16’s in baseball, similar to March Madness in basketball. During Border’s time at Flora, there were a lot of successes in the athletic department.

Border’s love for Flora High remains unchanged and he even admits that being around the carefree environment the students provide, “keeps him young.”

Because of Border’s influence, the school has improved vastly within the exterior and interior. New door alarms and locking arrangements have been installed, outside visitors have been restricted, and a school-wide security camera update occurred in the interest of increased safety for the students. Though, Borders also acknowledges the endless room for improvement and also insists on never lowering his guard, regardless of the security improvements.

Border’s hobbies include golf, fishing, and keeping up with his two sons, Jerron and Cole; he’s even been involved with the Dare program since 1996.

Borders enjoys providing a helping hand to the people of his community; one of the reasons he’s involved with the school today is because he wants to lead students at a young age down the right path. Flora High School is safer than it was before, especially with Border’s watchful eye and helpful guidance.

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