Students rewarded for hard work at annual science fair

By Chloe York

Front: Zoe Murbarger, Emma Luzadder, Bionca McClane, Grace Herman; Back: Abby Collins, Abby Cline, Isabel Chau, Drew Howe, Jacob Payne, Rylee Uebinger, Riley Risley

Each spring Flora High School has an annual science fair, and this year 43 projects were submitted.

This year’s overall and creativity first place winners were Bionca McClane and Drew Howe. The overall second place winner was Jacob Payne and the overall third place winners were Abby Collins and Zoe Murbarger. The overall fourth place winners were Riley Risley and Rylee Uebinger. Emma Luzadder and Grace Herman, Abby Cline, and Isabel Chau all tied for second place in creativity.

When students complete an experiment, they had to show their project at the science fair to be judged on how well they presented their projects. The students were judged on the knowledge they gained from the experiment, good use of the scientific method, their individual work, thoroughness, the explanation as to why something happened based on their data, the paper, verbal response, oral presentation, and visual presentation.

When the class of 2020 were freshmen, Chemistry 1, Anatomy, Biology, and the Agriculture classes participated in the science fair. The school decided to change which classes had to participate in the science fair because the projects were a little too advanced for the freshmen to do. Since last year, Chemistry 1 and Anatomy are the only classes required to participate.  Students who are in these classes and have completed science fair in a previous year or are a senior have the option to write a four-page research paper instead of doing an experiment.

Mrs. Dehart and Dr. Drake are in charge of the science fair because they teach the classes that participate.  

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