NHS Banquet ’19

By: Summer Cartright

Eleven new members will be inducted into Flora High School’s National Honor Society on Tuesday, April 23 at 7:00 p.m. at the NHS banquet held at Flora High School.

In addition to welcoming new members, the four current officers, President Cali Wilson, Vice President Cari Wilson, Secretary Olivia Luzadder, and Treasurer Mathew Suntrup, will turn their duties over to new officers.

To be eligible for NHS, the students must have a 3.5 gpa of a weighted 4.0 gpa scale, and must meet at least five out of the seven categories. The categories consist of: participating in a school club, being a school club officer, being a class officer, being apart of the athletics and cheerleading, participates in the school musical, and have sufficient community service hours. If the student meet five out of the seven categories there is a board of teachers that decide if they display the following attributes: leadership, service, and character.

In addition to preparing for the banquet, NHS members are also in charge of selling senior shirts. The money earned from the shirts goes towards buying the pins for the members, buying the meals for the returning senior members at the banquet, and the rest goes towards the resources needed for their Appleknocker tent.

This is the first year Josh Fox has been in charge of the National Honor Society. In previous years, Debbie Gummert ran the organization until she retired last year.

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