Wolfgals Softball ’19 Season

By: Bianca Engelmeier

The Flora Wolfgalfs are early in their season and have a winning record of 5 wins and 3 losses. Due to the excessive rain, the Flora Wolfgals have had to cancel and or reschedule several ball games.

“The weather has been difficult this year but we have learned to overcome it and being a young team is great!” Gracey Himelick stated.

The Wolfgals have four seniors this year; Jaryn Allen, Kyrsten Darrough, Gracey Himelick, and Cari Wilson.

Senior, Kyrsten Darrough said, “The Wolfgals goals for the 2019 spring season are to win conference and get the regional championship.”

The summary of wins and losses thus far are as follows: St. Brownstown 11-2, Carlyle 11-4 and 1-6, Windsor/Stewardson 0-10, Fairfield 11-7, Edwards County 0-5, St. Anthony 3-11, Dietrich 14-4, and Marshall 16-9.

The Wolfgals will end their 2019 spring season in mid-May.

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