Accounting Challenge ’19

By: Cloey Powless

Mrs. Westjohn took 28 students in accounting to SIU in Carbondale on Feb. 28. On this trip, they used the techniques they learned in Westjohn’s accounting class.

Upon arriving at SIU, students took a test over their general accounting knowledge. The test was 60 questions and they had one hour to complete it.

The students also played two games. The first game they played was Hungry Hippo. This game consisted of one student laying flat on a scooter while another pulled them by their feet. They wore a helmet and they had a pitcher, and they had to get as many balls as they could in their basket within so many minutes.

The students were also given a paper plate, a file folder, and masking tape. They had to build a tower that stood on its own out of these three things and make it stay. Grant Johnson’s tower was 90 inches tall. They lost this challenge because other schools made their towers taller.

Flora High Schools accounting class has been attending this trip for 15 years. They have won 12 years and only lost 3 times. They didn’t win this year, but they won a lot of prizes, including trophies, scholarships, blankets, and t-shirts.

Over 300 students attended this day.  

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