Spain takes over as new ag teacher, FFA sponsor

By Ava Brennan

When one door closed at FHS for Mr. Doug Slagley, another one opened for new U of I graduate, Hannah Spain to become the newest member of the Ag department.

  Spain has wanted to become a teacher since a young age.

 While Spain was deciding on what to teach, she wanted to find something that involved animals and that impacted lives. She found that in the Agriculture education department

She went to University of Illinois for a full 4 years. While she learned a lot at University of Illinois she is happy that her schooling is done with, and she is moving on to bigger steps in her life.

Spain’s first day at FHS was full of excitement. She liked the staff community due to it being friendly and welcoming.

 The staff were not the only ones to help her, the students have helped her with understanding how high school students tend to learn more efficiently.  

Spain teaches many classes such as Ag Business, Environmental Science  but Plant Science is her favorite.

Now that Spain has gotten used to the community of the school, she says the classes are entertaining  and very hands-on. Spain said the only difficult thing she has is the prep-time. 

Spain loves the home feeling Flora provides. She said “it sure helps with being a new teacher.”

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