Igert closes curtain as Drama Club co-sponsor

By Justin Mitchell

Lights are up, and the curtains are closed. With a single note on the piano, the musical starts. For Mrs. Terry Igert, the crew director of 15+ years, 2019 would be the final note for her as a Flora schools employee. After a long career as a paraprofessional and Drama Club co-sponsor, Igert retired.

Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Igert have done 14+ musicals. With more ups than downs, they have had a good run through Mrs. Igert’s last musical, My Fair Lady

Mrs. Hudson joked that “We divided it at the curtain.” Hudson and Igert ran separate parts of the Drama Club. Even though separate, they had a wonderful dynamic. Hudson controlled the cast and Igert was in charge of the crew. 

“It was a strange last year because we did not have a final show with Mrs. Igert,” Hudson said. Covid had pushed the show to the next year.

Even though Igert was there for the practices in 2020, she was already retired and was not around for the practices and performances in 2020-2021.

 Since the departure of Mrs. Igert, parents and volunteers have taken over the roles. Many parents like Bethany Kuhlig, Matt Lovett, and Jocelyn Scoles have volunteered. 

Mrs. Combs, elementary and high school band director is going to help with the drama department. She is going to focus on music and singing for the spring musical. 

It will be strange without Mrs. Igert as students start start another year preparing for productions, but Mrs. Hudson is hopeful. . “It’s a time for a new era in drama club,” Hudson explained.

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