Hout claims SBP title

By Alex Rodriguez

Student body president is the embodiment of the whole Flora High School student body. Not only is this prestigious position highly looked upon, but it also has its challenges. 

The student body president must be elected by the entire student body and be a good role model for the rest of the school. Grade point average also comes with the title: the minimum being a 3.0. On top of all these requirements the president must be part of the student council for all four years of high school, leaving a small window of opportunity for students to live out the presidency. 

The president has a lot of responsibilities to carry out such as helping set up assemblies, special events, and organizing Homecoming with the help of student council members. Student body president can be seen as a bridge between administration and the students of FHS. 

This year’s race was a heated battle between Jace Helm and Ava Hout. Both parties prepared speeches and shared them at the football field in front of students and administrators. 

Ava Hout came out victorious for the Class of 2022, and for good reason. Ava was Vice-President of her freshman class, Secretary of her sophomore class and President of her junior class.

“Collin Moseley has been a great role model to look up to. I want to be as involved as he was when he was in office,”  Hout said.

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