Lusiani highlights differences between America, Italy

By Trista Sharp

Camilia (Cami)  Lusiani from Venice, Italy is a foreign exchange student at FHS this year and is living with Amy Hensley. Lusiani compared her everyday life here in America to Italy, highlighting many differences. Discussing the difference between schools, she mentioned school here in America is more engaging, and she said here she feels more than just a student.

Cami mentioned her school schedule and how she attends school Monday through Saturday, ending at 2 p.m. each day depending on the classes they have that day. 

Lusiani lives in the well-known Italian city of Venice, known as ¨the city on the water.¨ It is built on a group of small islands that are separated by canals and linked together by bridges. It is divided into two parts, one part of transportation is by boat and another section is by cars. Lusiani does not see many similarities between Venice and Flora, one major difference is the driving age. In Italy drivers don’t get a license until age 18. 

Cami said ¨my friends and I love traveling to different cities; since we are all underage we take the train, the cities aren’t too far away. 

A question asked was how was adapting to the English language, was it hard? She said that adapting to it wasn’t hard, when you are in situations when many people are talking in English you learn to adjust yourself and talk within and among the others just as well, if not better. 

As far as returning to the U.S. in the future goes, Lusiani said  ¨Yes, I would love to come back, I’d actually love to live in the US.¨ 

During Cami´s time here in the US, she said she would like to visit so many different places and just do typical American things. 

Lastly, Cami asked what she would like to share about her Italian culture,and she immediately said the food. One thing she would like to share with her Italian culture about our American culture is our sports; she said in Italy there are no sports within the schools so they don’t go all out for games. If they play a sport, they have to pay and it takes place after and out of school, but their first priority is to study for school and do their homework, she replied.

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