GPN wins Post Prom Dodgeball Tourney

By Becca Persinger

Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge! The five D’s of dodgeball were put to the test during the Flora High School Post Prom Dodgeball Tournament last Saturday, April 5. Five teams participated in the tournament. Each was desperate for the first place trophy that was proudly displayed over the judge’s table until the final game.

Concrete Evolutions, GPN, Almost Awesome, Ballers, and HAM battled it out in a series of dodgeball games in front of a crowd of people from the community who came out to the event to show their support for the Post Prom Committee.

Each team was guaranteed to play at least three games, and the matches lasted for about four minutes, unless there was a tie. In the event of a tie, each team was given one minute to eliminate as many players as possible, and the team with the most players left was the victor.

The two teams that made it to the final game were GPN and Concrete Evolutions. After a massive comeback, GPN was awarded the title of Dodgeball Champions. The players of the GPN team included John Casolari, Robert Casolari, Alan Stevenson, Brian Musser, Ethan Leib, Ian Leib, Trenton Pearce, Jami Pride, Taylor Schmick, and Jessica Eaton.


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