Student Council hosts blood drive; exceeds goal by 2

By Shelby Jones
According to ABC News interview with the Red Cross and America’s Blood Centers (ABC); this is one of the worst blood shortages the US has ever had. Red Cross is said to need 80,000 units of blood, but only have 36,000 units currently on hand.

Flora High School’s Student Council did their part to help solve the shortage and helped save the millions of lives by gathering students and other donors on November 13 to the Red Cross Blood Drive to increase the blood supply. Drinks and snacks were provided for donors. To be able to donate students must complete a form that shows they are at least sixteen year of age and have a parent’s signature of consent to participate. Students were able to choose what time to participate, whether it was during the morning or during a physical education class.

Flora High School had a goal of 62 units and was able to donate 64. We had 74 donors who presented to participate.

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