Pep Club hosts theme nights for home games

By Kelsey Henson

This is the first year that Pep Club is sponsoring a specific theme for every home game for both boys’ and girls’ basketball teams. Lauren Davis came up with this idea with Pep Club sponsor Josh Fox helping with the theme ideas.

Pep Club decided on doing the themes because they thought it would bring more fans and excitement to the games. The Pep Club started the themes off with a pink out for the first girls basketball game on Nov. 30.

Davis stated that the reason why they started the themes was because “she saw the themes in other schools and she thought it would be fun, and she thought it would make the players feel like the school cares more.”

Superfan Levi Williams agrees, stating that the reason why they paint up is “to have fun…and support the girls and boys.”

Boys Basketball Themes

Dec. 19 vs. Christopher Blue Out
Jan. 15 vs. Olney Beach
Feb. 9 vs. Cisne Camo/ Hunters
Feb. 12 vs. Paris Crazy Orange and Blue
Feb. 13 vs. Woodlawn Black Out/ Wear Sunglasses
Feb. 16 vs. Fairfield Orange Out

Girls Basketball Themes

Jan. 7 vs. Olney SportsCenter/ College Gameday/ Signs
Jan. 28 vs. Paris White Out

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