Junior and Senior students visit college

By Autumn Buffington
Bright and early on September 28, Honors English III, Honors English IIII, and Senior Seminar started their journey to Blackburn College in Carlinville IL. Senior Seminar began going on college trips in 2012 and added honor classes two years ago. They visit two colleges a year. They have toured McKendree, USI, Vincennes, SIUC, Blackburn, EIU, and John A. Logan.

“We want students to see what different college campuses look like before they have to make a college decision for themselves,” Mrs. Hemrich said about why they were going on the trip.
During the visit, the staff of Blackburn college discussed how Blackburn is rather unique compared to other colleges. They offer multiple scholarships including an FFA and a Sibling Scholarship. The students learned that at Blackburn, you can work a minimum of 10 hours on campus to help pay your tuition. You can also work above and beyond the 10 hours to have a check directly to you. These jobs are like internships in the fields of study for many of the students.
On October 26 all the classes will go on a trip to USI to explore their campus and hopefully help students make a decision on their future college.

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