Wolfgals tennis update

By: Nicholas Freeman
For the first time in Wolfgals tennis history, every Flora Wolfgal member who competed in Sectionals, qualified for the state competition. State qualifiers include; Sonae Shelton, Kelsey Krutsinger, Kasey Jennings, Bailey Pearce, Gracey Himelick, and Kyrsten Darrough. Shelton and Krutsinger will be competing in a singles format. The Himelick/Darrough duo and the Jennings/Pearce group will be playing in the doubles format. These six athletes will commute to the Chicago area on October 20 for the competition.

The Wolfgals traveled to Olney, IL on October 14-15 where they received first place at Sectionals. Currently, the Wolfgals have a record of 16-1.

Out of four other teams, Flora emerged victorious at the Conference Tournament on October 8, 2016. After winning, Kasey Jennings said she has hopes to win sectionals as a team as well as individually.

The Flora Girls Tennis Team sliced through the competition at the Edwardsville tournament on september 2-3. They played four teams and placed 2nd overall in the tournament. The girls were saddened that they didn’t place first but were proud that they made it so far.

Junior team player, Emma McMahon, said, “Playing as well as we did is always an exciting thing and just getting to spend time together and having fun is such a great part of going.”

Team members that represented the Flora High Tennis Team include; Kelsey Krutsinger, Bailey Pearce, Kasey Jennings, Breann Beckham, Sonae Shelton, Gracey Himelick, Kyrsten Darrough, Emma McMahon, Cali Wilson, and Jaryn Allen.

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