Illinois schools switch to ACT testing

By: Kelsey Henson

Every school in every state has standardized testing. Todd declared “The reason standardized tests are mandatory is because the local, state, and federal government believe that all students must prove what they have learned during school throughout the years.”

“Governmental agencies are not the only group wanting U.S. students to take standardized testing, large business corporations want students’ to prove if they are college ready.” said Todd. In Illinois the SAT test is now mandatory for all juniors in high school. The SAT consists of a math, English and a writing section. Asking Mrs. Lisa Hemrich about the writing section she stated that “the writing is formatted differently and it will be easier than normal ACT writing.”

Students and their parents could be concerned on who gets to view their scores on theses tests. In Illinois, since these tests are now mandatory, their scores are sent to the state. Students can also put a request in to view their scores and send them to colleges as well.

Asking Ms. Todd what she believed the impact would be on students, teachers, and district she stated “ Because this is the first year for the required SAT in Illinois the impact is unclear.” Todd added, “In the past when the ACT was a mandated test, scores definitely affected the curriculum. Teachers, students, or the public don’t want poor scores, as a result, a great deal of pressure exists to make whatever changes necessary to improve scores.” Todd explained.

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