Volunteer opportunities available for FHS students

By: Delaney Elliott

Flora High School offers and advertises several community service opportunities for its students to participate. This year’s seniors must have ten local community service hours to graduate, and the other classes must have a combined thirty hours with ten hours completed during their senior year.

A community service opportunity is the entertainment complex Johnny and June’s is hosting an event March 18, and are asking for volunteers to help park cars. Since high school students are under the age of 21, they will not be permitted in the building while the event is going on.

Also this Saturday, the Chamber of Commerce is requesting volunteers to help spread out flyers for their upcoming circus. The high school is also housing an opportunity for community service, which is helping pre-k through fifth grade students with basketball drills, cheerleading, and refereeing skills this Saturday. This event lasts from 7:45 am to 3 pm and will occur every Saturday beginning on March 18 and continuing until the end of April.

Flora Gardens always welcomes volunteers to spend time with the residents. Volunteers can participate in many different activities, including hosting a game of balloon volleyball or butterfly dice, reading out loud to residents, playing a musical instrument to the residents, and speaking to the residents about your past experiences and listening to the residents’ stories. Jeff Lathrop is the activity director for Flora Gardens and welcomes volunteers to help out anytime.

A community service opportunity for next year’s freshman through juniors is that the Muscular Dystrophy Association is hosting a summer camp from June 17 through 23 at Pinecrest Camp and Conference Center in Fredericktown, Missouri. The volunteers will attend an orientation prior to camper arrival, and will be trained on camper care, volunteer responsibilities, and camp policies.

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