Upcoming cheer tryouts

By: Autumn Buffington

Any students interested in trying out for both 2017-2018 football and basketball cheer squads, met in Ms. Todd’s room for a brief meeting on Friday, March 17 at 3:00 pm. The meeting was to inform the students on what they are required to do for tryouts.

Tryouts will be held on March 31. Each student is required to learn two sidelines and a floor cheer made by the 2016-2017 squad seniors at the cheer clinics Monday, March 27-Thursday, March 30. Also, they are required to make up their own floor cheer, recite the school song, tumble to their best ability (minimal skill being a round-off), execute a toe-touch, a combination jump, spirit on and off the floor, and their choice of either the splits or standing tumbling.

Coach Kaitlyn McKnelly plans to only accept 12 to 16 cheerleaders for both football and basketball squads, though previous coaches have accepted 18 cheerleaders for football squad only.

Every student has the option to tryout for both football and basketball or just one squad of their choice. Candidates must earn a minimum score to make either squad.

An alphabetized list of squad members will be posted on the outside of the gym doors two hours after the last try-out.

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