FHS band performs at IHSA basketball game

By: Nick Freeman

Cars begin pulling into the FHS parking lot long before the sun has risen. Students exit their cars and enter one of their designated buses. As the buses exit the parking lot, a trailer containing flutes, percussion equipment, trumpets, etc, follows. The band’s journey to Peoria begins!

FHS band left Flora at approximately 6 a.m. to perform at the IHSA basketball state tournament in Peoria, IL. The band was directed by Harry Penry who was assisted by David Koontz. The band was chaperoned by Carol Todd and parents Calvin Wilson, Sheryl McGee, and many others. Jim Earleywine drove the van pulling a trailer that contained the band’s equipment.

The band started playing at approximately 11 a.m. and didn’t receive lunch until 3:30 p.m.
They travelled to a local restaurant, Fireside Pizza and Pub.

According to one saxophone player, Araya Koehler, “[The band performed] good. The TV didn’t do us justice.” A bass guitarist in the band, Josh Moats, stated, “I think we performed excellently.”

When asked what kind of experience they had, Koehler responded with, “It was an okay experience. We didn’t play very much.” Mr. Moats responded with, “I had a really fun time playing. I shocked myself.” He is referring to his bass guitar producing an electrical shock due to the outlet he received not being grounded. Moats ended his statement saying, “I live life on the edge.”

This was the first time Penry had taken a band to state since 1991. Josh stated, “I think he was stressed but i think he liked being back up there.”

The band arrived back in Flora at roughly 1:30a.m., and groggily returned home.

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