FHS holds annual science fair

By: BreeAnn Stanford

Science Fair was held on March 7 in the big gym at Flora High School starting after school. Science Fair is an opportunity for kids to do hands on activities, interact with judges, and learn how to do the scientific method for experiments. This year there were a total of 50 different experiment entries. The participating classes are anatomy, chemistry, and horticulture.

The judges are mainly faculty from the school or people from the community who have a science background. They judge in nine categories, knowledge gained, scientific approach, individual work, thoroughness, conclusions, written expression, verbal response, oral presentation, and visual presentation

The winners receive prizes from three banks in Flora and also Dairy Queen. Prizes are awarded for 1st, 2st, or 3rd place in creativity or overall appearance.

One of the science teachers, Dr. Drake, states that the most important part of Science Fair is “giving kids a chance to think through a scientific process, instead of learning something from a textbook.” Drake also says that one of the greatest difficulties with science far is getting students to buy into it and see the value, and also finding judges.

One thing that he would like to see in the future is making it in a way for the kids to compete and not just feel obligated to do so, like throwing in a scholarship or something.

According the Addie Dehart, another science teacher, the most important part of science fair is the teenagers actually presenting their projects in front of people. They learn to talk professionally and defend their ideas. Dehart thinks the hardest thing that kids struggle with is management, “ They will often wait to the last minute to do their experiment and then have to rush to get it finished. The review of literature is also a challenge for many.”

One thing that she would like to see in the future is “more creative and ambitious project ideas.” She feel that students just look up science fair projects online and pick the easiest ones possible. Students should put in effort and try to do a project worthwhile and will help the scientific field.

The winners for the overall category were Sydney Cammon and Kyrsten Darrough and they won $50 and $4 in Dairy Queen certificates. Second place went to Evan VanHoose winning $30 and $2 in Dairy Queen dollars. The other second place winner was Matthew Suntrup winning the same thing. Third place winner was Vivian Duquaine and she won $25 and $2 in Dairy Queen money.

Creativity winners were Cari Wilson and Olivia Luzadder winning $50 and $4 Dairy Queen bucks. Second place winners were Cali Wilson and Abigail Ginglesberger winning $30 and $2 Dairy Queen coupons. Tied in third place Gracey Himelick, Kylie McWilliams, and Matthew Suntrup won $20 and $2 Dairy Queen dollars.

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