Krutsinger, Warren implement new reading program

By Devan Warren and Nate Mitchell

Coach Scott Warren and Teacher Donna Krutsinger have implemented a new reading program this year at FHS. Like previous reading programs done at FHS and other schools, students are tasked with reading specific books and are given rewards to entice them to read more. This month’s selection was “All Things Possible” by Kurt Warner.

The Book of the Month program promises to “get more students reading by offering them books they can relate to and enjoy” said Coach Warren. Donna Krutsinger explains, “The goal of this program is to reach readers who usually don’t check out books, and get more students reading.” One of the groups targeted by this program specifically is athletes, with Coach Warren picking out sports-related books.

When students complete a book they can take a short 10-question multiple choice quiz to prove they read the books. If they pass this quiz they can choose between a $1 DQ certificate, a coupon for a Hucks Big Swigg, and a coupon for Julians or Anthonys.

Krutsinger said last year “between 150-175 coupons were handed out,” with 100 of them being before Christmas. She also mentioned that during the month of August there were 60 to 80 books checked out at a time.

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