Kali Carroll enjoying new position at FHS

By Millie Beland
After teaching eight years at Central Community High School in Breese and three years at Effingham Junior High School, new teacher Kali Carroll took on the job to be the new Special Education teacher.
Before studying to be a teacher Mrs. Carroll wanted to go into nursing and pharmacy. ¨I started nursing, but then I realized that I didn’t want to go down that road. I realized that I didn’t want to take care of other people,¨ she stated in an interview.
After realizing she wanted to teach, Mrs. Carroll attended SIUE where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and then attended Lindenwood where she graduated with a Master´s degree.
When she is not teaching, Mrs. Carroll also takes care of her three children who are eight and 6 years old and a twenty-three months old.
Mrs. Carroll stated “my favorite part of teaching here at FHS is the great administration and students, and the caring staff.” She said that she has had and still has shining moments, but the one of her favorites is seeing her students achieve and set and accomplish high expectations. She stated “I’ḿ glad that I choose teaching as an occupation, because I want to make a difference with the students, and I love kids.”

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