Flora Drama Club to Present: James and the Giant Peach

By: Natalie Cox

This year the FHS musical is James and the Giant Peach. It is about the adventures of a boy, a peach, and insects that magically grow into life sized objects and creatures.

This year’s actors and actresses are Olivia Luzadder as Ladahlord, Kevin Garrett as James, Diego Gutierrez as Spiker, Katelynn Hilliard as Sponge, Tyra Leonard as Spider, Cali Wilson as Grasshopper, Sydney Hatcher as Ladybug, Grace Herman as Earthworm, Abigail Gindlesberger as Centipede, plus 28 more chorus and crew members.

The musical is taking place on March 23-25. Cast and crew members began rehearsing on January ninth and continue working for three months preparing to immerse the audience with different sets and singing for a magical adventure that will happen right before the audience’s eyes.

Olivia Luzadder said her favorite part about the musical so far is the style of music that they are singing for the play. Remembering lines and becoming the character is one of the biggest challenges. Luzadder said that people should come out and see the musical since they work really hard for months and it is a good quality, cheap entertainment.

Drama club meets once every month and they are dedicated to community service throughout the whole year. Drama club director Terry Igert said, “If you enjoy fun, games, trips, singing, helping others, and leadership, you should think about joining drama club.”

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