Flora High Implements New Security Precautions

By: Lily Burkett and Natalie Cox

Following the Parkland school shooting, schools nationwide have enforced stronger security procedures. Following suit, Flora High School has enacted a new set of rules to keep the students safer during the school day.

Some of these new rules have raised tension throughout the student body. The students are not allowed to have backpacks in the classrooms. This rule is taken seriously, since anyone could hide items in their bags and bring them into the classes. Entering and exiting through one door is strongly enforced and if the students are caught going through any other door, they will receive a detention. The doors are locked immediately after the ringing of the tardy bell. Any joke regarding school threats and threats in general will NOT be tolerated. Students that make any remark will be punished accordingly.

Mr. Pearce feels we live in a new era. Since Sept. 11, 2001, America has changed drastically. According to Pearce, “We do not go to the airport the same way we did before that tragic day.” Because of 9/11, airports are strict and rules are strictly enforced. In comparison, people do not attend school the same way anymore. Due to recent shootings, schools have implemented strict rules similar to new airport regulations. He is aware some of these changes are “inconvenient,” but he believes it will make FHS a safer place. Flora High staff members all greatly value security over accessibility.

When asked about classroom procedures in case of an active shooter, Pearce stated he wanted to prepare the students, but to let the teachers decide individual plans for classrooms- especially the classrooms without windows. Also, the school is looking into apps for the teachers to access confidential evacuation information from law enforcement to ensure rapid communication.

Flora High School’s resource officer, Geb Borders, wishes he could be at the high school when school starts and when it ends in the afternoon. Since he is unable to be at the high school all day at this time, he advises the students to watch for abnormal behavior amongst their peers. He encourages everyone to stop joking; it is not funny and will absolutely NOT be tolerated.

Recent school shootings have changed our society, reaching all the way to the small community of Flora, Illinois.

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