Book club’s new reading program

By: Victoria Bates
Following the enthusiastic participation in book club the last 2 years, a brand new reading program is available to students every other month.
With a grant from the Illinois Reading Council, multiple sets of books were purchased. Book selections such as Renegades by Marissa Meyer and Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall will be offered for the students’ choosing.

At the end of each reading month, groups reading the same book will meet and discuss the story over lunches donated by local restaurants, such as Julians or Anthony’s. Appleknocker and other activities will pay for the members’ lunches while the Illinois Reading Council Grant is earmarked for more books.

“For our first year, it’s a really good sized group!” leader of the club, Mrs. Donna Krutsinger, gushed.
The sophomore-heavy group only contains 6 seniors, 3 freshmen, and 1 junior.

“I think it’s those around me in class, hearing about the club who join. Seniors are just so busy and the freshman didn’t even know they could check out books from the Learning Center until a couple of days ago,” Krutsinger said, “anyone can join at the beginning of the month.”

Later this year, the entire book club will be writing Santa letters to the kindergarteners, building a Christmas tree of books, and having a scavenger hunt.

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