Ms. Kman

By: Caitlin Beard
Ms. Kman, a student teacher from EIU, is helping Mr. Leib with the rambunctious group of P.E. kids throughout the day this semester.
Ms. Kman will be returning to EIU for graduation in December, majoring in physical education with an endorsement in health studies, and hopes to have a job lined up around her hometown, Olney, soon after.
In high school, Ms. K wanted to be a physical therapist, but at the time, everyone chose that field also, so she decided to try out high school helping. High School helping is a class offered where high schoolers help kids and grade papers like teachers. Ms. K absolutely loved the kids. “I grew up playing sports, and I’ve always loved kids, so being a P.E. teacher was a good job for me,” said Ms. Kman.
According to Ms. K, if she had to choose a grade level to teach, it would be middle school because they’re not too young that they don’t know what’s going on, but they’re not old enough to hate P.E. and refuse to participate.
“The worst part of student teaching is edTPA, which is a very long portfolio on a learning segment of my choice and I have to give data about how I teach students because it will determine if I get my student teaching certificate which is extremely stressful. The best part would have to be the students, and interacting with you guys every day,” Ms. K said.

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