Drama club officers to leadership conference

By: Michel Foreman
An unfortunate fact about high school is the drama of it; fortunately, there’s a club for that. A club that often doesn’t receive the recognition it often should, FHS Drama Club. Saturday, Sept. 8, Drama club Co-presidents Olivia Luzadder and Cari Wilson, Vice President Abigail Gindlesberger, and Historian Cali Wilson ventured to a conference in Eureka, Illinois to learn about team and leadership communications, fundraising, and programs for students in Drama Club.
The event was attended by eight different schools, ours being the most Northern. The event began at 10 am and lasted until 4 pm. Students were given name tags with shapes, colors, and foods; when one of the categories was called, students would switch groups and/or activities until they finally found their tribe.
Gindlesberger stated a plus side to the conference was how accepting the people were. No one cared who or what you were because, at the end of the day, you become part of a family. Towards the end of the conference, they decorated t-shirts and exchanged “warm fuzzies,” kind comments from other people, with tribe members and had to create a three-minute play including dialogue and one musical number.
Gindlesberger spoke highly of her tribe, “We created a group chat on Snapchat.”, the bonds created were clearly strong. She and the other officers hope to use the group games such as “Honey, I love you,” to help members of FHS Drama Club grow closer and build lasting bonds between the members.

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