Kevin Garrett FHS ’18

By: Abigail Gindlesberger
From soldier to meteorologist, Kevin Garrett has big dreams for a small town boy.
For many Flora High School graduates, college is the absolute next step following graduation, but Garrett had a very different plan and a difficult road to accomplish it.
May 2018 was an exciting yet terrifying time for FHS graduate Kevin Garrett. Since the age of sixteen, Garrett planned on serving his country in the armed forces, but physical hindrances have caused him to put his plans on pause.
Due to the military’s weight requirements, Garrett has had to bulk up and slim down. In order to be physically capable of completing basic training, Garrett had to build his muscle mass by lifting weights and eating foods rich in protein. When describing his weight journey, Garrett describes his impressive physical transformation: “Approximately 15 pounds to go. I was 260, now I’m 205, and need to be 191.”
Although Garrett is on the right track, he admits to wishing he had gotten a head start on attaining his military physique: “If I didn’t procrastinate from ages 16-18 on health, I would more than likely be gone (in basic training).”
Though Garrett was very close to meeting his goal, his toe got in the way.
While in the gym, Garrett suffered a painful bone break by dropping a 25-pound weight on his toe.
Despite these obstacles, Garrett is still very hopeful for his future in the military and expects to begin basic training sometime in March or April.
After so many setbacks, most people would give up, but Garrett has four major reasons for sticking with his plan: “to solidify my patriotism, free college, and free travel worldwide.” He also hopes to, “get a head start” in his career.
A life in the service isn’t Garrett’s only plan, however. Depending on how much he enjoys the military, Garrett would also love to attend college and hopefully work for The Weather Channel or the National Weather Service.
Though Garrett is very excited for the future, he admits to missing high school and his friends, “I miss being able to talk to a bunch of the people I like to talk to on a regular basis.”
Garrett’s advice to current FHS seniors is to, “look at all your (future) options.”
Garrett also notes that high school helped prepare him for the ASVAB, a test required for acceptance into the military.
This is not where Garrett expected to be in his life, but he is happily on track to a very bright future.

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